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Places: Eat, drink, see, do

Listing my favorite spots in places I've spent time in. If any of the following is your vibe, you might like my recommendations. If not, I'd step away from this list.

  • Cozy wine bars with staff who can go on an hour long monologue about their favorite grapes.
  • Cocktail bars where you can tell the bartender your life story and be served the drink of your dreams.
  • Preferred ways to work out is to climb on large metal lyra, dance around a pole in 6 inch Pleasers, yoga classes that goes for 90 minutes, or calisthenics.
  • Pricy hipster brunch food that is actually good (I'm picky and 90% of them don't pass the quality bar).


  • Lisbon, Portugal | I lived here for the most part the past three years and gathered a few spots I keep coming back to.