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Sanna's Lisbon

Sanna's Lisbon

Three years and counting, here are some of the spots I keep going back to.

🍳 Brunch

  • Heim Cafe | Tasty brunch place, I only go here during slightly off hours and weekdays. The weekends are too crowded.
  • Fauna & Flora | Often crowded, but you rarely have to wait long. My go-to for years, prices are good, quality consistent, and you'll find something for every tasty here.
  • Manifest Lisbon | Just another brunch perfection.
  • Liberty | Unique twists on classic brunch food and everything I've tried has been delicious, including the coffee. Small portions though.
  • Hygge Kaffe | Nordic vibes, everything is yummy. Plus for normal portion sizes - one main dish + sharing the mini pancakes is the ideal brunch for me.

👩🏻‍💻 Work from

  • Copenhagen Cafe | All Copenhagen cafes have a number of tables dedicated to laptops, but the get taken quickly. Good spot for working with good coffee. I frequently go the Alcantara one.
  • LACS Cowork | Nice work spot right by the docs (available on Croissant).
  • Heden Rossio | Good place to get work done (available on Croissant).

🤸🏻‍♀️ Workouts

  • Jaya Aerial Lab | The aerial studio of my dreams. Pole, lyra, silks, handstand, conditioning; you name it, they got it. If you want to work on anything aerial, this is where you go.
  • Jazzy Dance Studios | Huge dance studio, great teachers. Something for everyone.
  • Jivamukti Yoga Lisbon | My favorite type of yoga practice which usually includes chanting, breath work, mediation and inversion practice.
  • Baraza Yoga | Fun yoga studio, lots of fun guest teachers too. And if you get the chance to join their weekend retreats, I highly recommend putting everything else aside and join!
  • A Pompadourette | For my fellow pole lovers, this is a cute studio with good sensual pole classes. Note that the classes are very short, only 50 min.
  • Academia Life Club | Large gym, got everything you need, including saunas.

🍽 Restaurants

  • Magnolia Bistrot & Winebar | Favorite wine bar with small dishes to share.
  • Dallas Burger | Ok, I'm a certified* burger expert and this is the best place in Lisbon for burgers. Impressive beer selection too. *The certification might be debatable, but I am a snob who tries burgers wherever I go.
  • Loco | My first Michelin star place and it was truly incredible. They even adapted to my preferences and excluded seafood. Probably one of the best service experiences I've ever had.
  • Therapist LxFactory | Hip vegan friendly restaurant.
  • Honest Greens | When I need something healthy and can't be bothered to cook, this is where I order from.
  • Lupita | Favorite pizza place, I get their white pizza with ricotta cheese every time. Also, my dad said it was the best pizza he had in his life, so, there's that.
  • Arkhe | Fine dining, all vegetarian. Highly recommend!
  • Tapa Bucho Gastrobar | Me and Tapa Bucho go way back. A classic that never disappoints, although I do miss their OG basement vibe location. Good for big groups!
  • Prado | Fresh, seasonal dishes. Their vegetarian menu is nomnom.
  • Kefi Greek Bistro | Fresh Greek food, gorgeous space, go here.

🍸 Bars

  • COPA Lisboa | Amazing cocktails, but be aware, they are specialized in South American alcohol and will not have any classic vodka and gin drinks.
  • Java Rooftop | Lisbon has many viewpoints, but not quite as many rooftop bars. This one is nice!
  • A Tabacaria | Ah, A Tabacaria and I go way back. Will forever be my favorite little bar with exceptional bartenders. Don't go for the menu, let them be creative.
  • LX Rooftop Cocktail bar | Don't know why this place has such poor reviews, they have good drinks and are a friendly bunch. We live 10 min away, so, our go-to spot.
  • Miradouro Adamastor | One of the best viewpoints, makes a decent Aperol spritz and comes with a premium view and ofter street entertainment.

🍦 Sweets

🪩 Cool spots

  • LxFactory | Artsy but very touristy area, go here to check out cute shops and have drinks in the afternoon. They also do a fun market on Sundays.
  • Cemetery Prazeres | Yes, it's a cemetery. And yes, you should go.
  • Mirdouros | There are viewpoints all over Lisbon worth a visit, just search for miradouro on maps. Usually with a kiosk that serves wine, beer, and sometimes a few cocktails too.
  • Ponto Final | Book a table, take the ferry across the river, and walk along the water to get there. Gorgeous sunsets.

💁🏻‍♀️ Other

  • Black Cat Outdoor Cinema | During summer, Black Cate Cinema organizes outdoor cinema experiences in various cool locations. Mix of classics and more recent movies, definitely worth checking out.
  • Storytelling Lisboa | If I'm in town, you'll find me here every time. I recommend arriving at 7pm, grab a good seat, and chill with your friends before it starts.