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Magnolia and the cutest square.

Four years and counting, here are some of the spots I keep going back to.

🍳 Brunch

  • Quest | They have the creamiest scrambled eggs, hidden under a sea of cheese. Plus a superior option of cakes and desserts.
  • Hygge Kaffe | Nordic vibes, everything is yummy. Plus for normal portion sizes - one main dish + sharing the mini pancakes is the ideal brunch for me.
  • Liberty | Unique twists on classic brunch food and everything I've tried has been delicious, including the coffee. Small portions though.
  • Heim Cafe | Tasty brunch place, I only go here during slightly off hours and weekdays. The weekends are too crowded.
  • Fauna & Flora | Often crowded, but you rarely have to wait long. My go-to for years, prices are good, quality consistent, and a varied menu.

🍽 Restaurants

  • Magnolia Bistrot & Winebar | Favorite wine bar with small dishes to share.
  • Kefi Greek Bistro | Fresh Greek food, gorgeous space, go here.
  • Loco | My first Michelin star place and it was truly incredible.
  • Therapist LxFactory | Hip vegan friendly restaurant.
  • Honest Greens | When I need something healthy and can't be bothered to cook, this is where I order from.
  • Lupita | Favorite pizza place, addicted to their white pizza with ricotta cheese.
  • Arkhe | Fine dining, all vegetarian.
  • Tapa Bucho Gastrobar | Me and Tapa Bucho go way back. A classic that never disappoints, although I do miss their OG basement vibe location. Good for big groups.
  • Dallas Burger | Solid burger spot.

🍸 Bars

  • Mirari | It's tagged as a food court on google maps, but it's far more than that. Open air party space, with bars and food stalls. This is also where you'll find the best smashed burger in Lisbon. This is where I go on Friday afternoons!
  • COPA Lisboa | Amazing cocktails, but be aware, they are specialized in South American alcohol and will not have any classic vodka and gin drinks.
  • Comida Independente | Great wine bar with good snack options.
  • Java Rooftop | Lisbon has many viewpoints, but not quite as many rooftop bars. This one is nice!
  • A Tabacaria | Ah, A Tabacaria and I go way back. Will forever be my favorite little bar with exceptional bartenders. Don't go for the menu, let them be creative.
  • LX Rooftop Cocktail bar | Don't know why this place has such poor reviews, they have good drinks and are a friendly bunch. We live 10 min away, so, another go-to spot.

🍦 Sweets

  • Gelato Therapy | Tasty ice cream in the center.
  • Crush Doughnuts | For when you want the type of sugar rush making you high for hours and hours.
  • Pastéis de Belém | Heard of Pastel de Nata? Well, this is the OG place making them into perfection.

👩🏻‍💻 Work from

  • LACS Santos | My current coworking spot. Location is perfect for me and lots of light inside.
  • Second Home | My previous coworking spot. They have 1200 plants inside and lots of natural light, but it's on the pricy side though.
  • Copenhagen Cafe | All Copenhagen cafes have a number of tables dedicated to laptops, but the get taken quickly. Good spot for working with good coffee, but I usually rely on my own wifi.
  • Simpli Coffee | Chill café with good coffee and snacks, and surprisingly stable wifi.
  • Heden Rossio | Good place to get work done (available on Croissant).

🤸🏻‍♀️ Workouts

  • Jaya Aerial Lab | The aerial studio of my dreams. Pole, lyra, silks, handstand, conditioning; you name it, they got it.
  • Jazzy Dance Studios | Huge dance studio, great teachers. Something for everyone.
  • Jivamukti Yoga Lisbon | My favorite type of yoga practice which usually includes chanting, breath work, mediation and inversion practice.
  • Baraza Yoga | Fun yoga studio, lots of fun guest teachers too. And if you get the chance to join their weekend retreats, I highly recommend putting everything else aside and join!
  • Amplify Santos | If very hyped cycle classes, bootcamps, and barre is your vibe, this is where people go. Convenient location for me, so I go for barre at times.
  • A Pompadourette | For my fellow pole lovers, this is a cute studio with good sensual pole classes. Note that the classes are very short, only 50 min.
  • Academia Life Club | Large gym, got everything you need, including saunas.

🪩 Other spots & things to do

  • LxFactory | Artsy but very touristy area, go here to check out cute shops and have drinks in the afternoon. They also do a fun market on Sundays.
  • Mirdouros | There are viewpoints all over Lisbon worth a visit, just search for miradouro on maps. Usually with a kiosk that serves wine, beer, and sometimes a few cocktails too.
  • Black Cat Outdoor Cinema | During summer, Black Cate Cinema organizes outdoor cinema experiences in various cool locations. Mix of classics and more recent movies, definitely worth checking out.
  • Storytelling Lisboa | I recommend arriving at 7pm, grab a good seat, and chill with your friends before it starts.