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On ethical AI, feeling God, and motherhood

Sanna Stefansson
Sanna Stefansson
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On ethical AI, feeling God, and motherhood
I'm letting this writing spot illustrate the peace and quiet I've experienced in Lisbon recently.

Hi friends!

In January this year I was weary. No, 'weary' is an understatement. I was done. Last year was one long drain on my nervous system for many reasons, one of them being too many trips, in too little time. By the end of it, all I wanted was to be home, sitting in the Sanna-shaped hole in our couch and not move unless it was to do something utterly mundane, like take a walk along the river or get groceries.

So I did. Except for a long weekend in Switzerland, I've spent this year so far in Portugal, barely even leaving Lisbon. I don't think I've stayed in one place this long since I gave up my apartment in Stockholm 2015. And let me tell you, it's been glorious in its simplicity. Staying still has allowed my mind to catch up.

But there are seasons for everything, and lately, I've begun to feel that itch again. That hunger which led me to leave Sweden in the first place. Thinking about places to go, experiences to be had, started to fill me with enthusiasm, not dread.

As I write this, I'm sitting on a train in the Netherlands. What awaits is living in a camper van for two weeks; Fusion festival in Germany, a four-day hike in Austria, and stops to visit friends along the way.

This morning my hype level was high I actually went for a run. Voluntarily.

Anyway, on to the links!

* * *

💌 Good Sign-Offs (via swissmiss)
I've been in the corporate world too long and never stray far away from the boring "Kind regards", or, if I'm feeling salty, "Regards,". But browsing these sign-offs is inspiring me to step up my game here.

"Death and taxes" speaks to me on a spiritual level, but also "Have the day you deserve", or how about "What doesn’t kill you mutates and tries again," – honestly, just browse and if you have a good one, let me know.

🤖 WWDC 2024 Recap: Is Apple Intelligence Legit?
Everyone's favorite tech reviewer summarizes Apple's news from WWDC. Rebranding AI to "Apple Intelligence" is such an Apple move, but while it's easy to roll your eyes at, I'm happy to see the privacy focus. The difference I feel in my core when comparing it to Microsofts Recall feature they announced a few weeks ago ("we'll take screenshots of everything you do, put them in a folder available for all, what could possibly go wrong") is striking. Sure, they are making changes now, but first after major pushback.

I'll likely be an Apple girl for life, unfortunately for my bank account.

🦾 How to stop Perplexity and save the web from bad AI
The media industry has been struggling for a while now, and AI is of course creating new challenges. This piece is important and I urge you all to read it and think about what internet the models we chose to use contribute to.

🥴 Guy Who Sucks At Being A Person Sees Huge Potential In AI
Speaking of AI, The Onion really nailed this one.

☁️ What does it feel like to believe in God?
PJ Vogt tackles a wide range of questions in the podcast Search Engine. This episode is a conversation with Zvika Krieger, a spiritual leader, talking about what the title says – what does it feel like to believe in God? I do not believe in any higher power, but that doesn't stop me from being curious. At one point he describes how being on the dance floor is one of the places he feels closest to God, and honestly, that resonated even with a skeptic like me.

👶 What If Motherhood Isn’t Transformative at All?
Much written about motherhood tends to be single-minded, pushing one narrative. I found this piece, about identity and transformation in the role, to be more nuanced than most.

* * *

That's it for now, see you on the other side of vacation!

Wait, who dis?
I'm Sanna, blogging on Mostly, I'm writing about personal experiences from a slightly less traditional path, but there might be a few book tips and remote working rants thrown in on occasion.

I'm from Sweden, based in Lisbon, but frequently exploring other corners of the world.
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